Trump IS Right – It Was Rigged

By: Daily Trends

In a completely expected turn of events, trump has a hard time coming to grips with the fact that he was found guilty of a felony. Trump has been on the receiving end of over 4,000 legal cases since 1970. Making him the greatest president to ever exist at being in the defendant’s chair.

In a rambling, 33-minute news conference held inside Trump Tower on Friday, convicted felon Donald Trump revisited details of his trial, revived old grievances, and continued with his presidential campaign. During the speech, he reiterated complaints about the trial’s unfairness, criticized the judge, and portrayed himself as a victim of a legal and political system biased against him. Trump also confirmed that his team would appeal the conviction and hinted at taking the case to the Supreme Court if necessary. Additionally, he commented on Michael Cohen’s legal skills and denied having a sexual encounter with porn star Stormy Daniels.

When a jury of his peers convicted him, he claims this latest trial was rigged against him. The question remains, by whom? His Rheteric may help him on Fox News, but it does not play as well when confronting actual facts in a courtroom.